As you may be aware we launched our Professional Pest Control and prevention Service in January 2019 Website Here (West Country Pest Control), this has proved to be a resounding success, So much so as of 1 July 2019 we have decided to bring our industrial cleaning equipment sales & service company together with it to makes things simpler for administration for both us and you, our loyal customers.

So therefore, Wessex industrial is now called West Country Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd. All the other legal details such as company and VAT numbers remain the same, as does our address etc, it’s only the trading name that has changed, nothing else. We are in the process of rebranding the website etc, and all should be completed within a couple of weeks. We think the new name much better suits our family values and customer demographic.

In other news Daniel now has his own service van and will be carrying out general servicing, simple repairs and deliveries, in order to continue his training on his 4 year Mechatronics apprenticeship, and build on the underpinning knowledge he has gained over the past couple of years, Not to mention the driving experience as he navigates his way around all those shiny new traffic lights in Yeovil.

The board of directors have been working closely with a great business consultant who has provided a much-needed breath of fresh air and renewed focus into the business, with some exciting prospects to explore over the second part of the year.

Sales of Kranzle equipment continues to be very strong, with customers new and old appreciating the better quality equipment offered by Kranzle Gmbh, The New hot water pressure washer and steam cleaner the Kranzle Therm 715 has proved to be a clear winner over the competition due its superior design, and safety conscious features such as the flame failure device and due to the boilers heavy duty construction there is no requirement for an Un-eco-friendly water softener system that commits to an unnecessary amount of plastic waste every year. As far as sweepers go, the new Kranzle Colly pedestrian sweeper has been a highlight of this year with its twin sweeping brushes at a very competitive price point.

We continue to build our own range of hot and cold-water static for bespoke installations and have enjoyed supplying these to Wessex Water and Greater Manchester Police for use at the forces Police stations and Garages for washing emergency vehicles.

As a friendly family company, we are driven by our customers’ requirements and our passion for providing the best products and aftersales service - so we look forward to serving you soon, and hope you find our more streamlined and efficient business easy to use.

From all the team at West Country, Thank you.

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