Industrial Pressure Washer Sales

Industrial Pressure Washer Sales

Whether you are looking to buy new equipment such as pressure washers, steam cleaners or cold water pressure washer for the first time or upgrading your current machines we can provide you with virtually anything you will need around your industrial cleaning equipment requirements. Get in touch for a free site survey.

Pressure Washer Service & Repair

Pressure Washer Repair & Service

Pressure washer repair and service in Somerset & Dorset? Our onsite pressure washer service technicians have fully stocked vans and can repair and service all makes and models of pressure washer on-site. We service and repair industrial pressure washers in Somerset, Dorset and the South West. Need a Karcher pressure washer hose? Call our Service Department.

Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

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Floor Scrubber Dryers & Sweepers

We supply and service a range of floor scrubber dryers and floor cleaning machines from Numatic and Factory Cat. Each machine we sell comes with full onsite after sales backup service. We also have a range of scrubber dryer chemicals and detergents, pads and accessories. Get in touch for a FREE site demonstration. Read More...

Fleet operator 'O' licence holders normally take a lot of care when and find out all the facts about their new prime movers or trailers before buying, Yet some do not take half as much time to consider whether the new pressure washer

they are considering is actually going to be up to the job, and more so actually be reliable in everyday use.

The result of this can often be seen at transport yards and workshops when what was expensive equipment to initially purchase is lying unused because of poor design, bad after sales service or worse still - the supplier has moved the goal posts and is no longer interested in that sector and has now moved onto selling steam irons etc instead!

Professional companies with a well earned good reputation will still be enthusiastic to hear questions and answer any queries after the initial sale and 'honeymoon' period has passed, so always seek to find out about warranty, after sales support and find out if service contracts are available and what they cover, and more importantly what they don't - particularly when traffic film remover is used. Some suppliers that use inferior and poorly designed pumps wont honour warranty if strong TFR chemicals are used.

In the past few years, a lot of transport managers have been duped into purchasing sub standard equipment and tempted by large discounts from artificially high list prices, free gifts, cash back and false claims, only to find the equipment very quickly becomes problematic and costly to maintain, with would be warranty work being charged for and blamed on the user.

The pressure washer industry is dominated these days by a constant stream of box movers who are only interested in the sale, and use subversive selling tactics to shift as many units as they can, a bit like an out of date 1980's double glazing salesmen. These companies employ salesmen that have no experience and poor quality training on a commission basis who all have mortgages and drinking habits to pay for, and sadly most often sell equipment that is unfit for purpose to satisfy their own needs, and not yours.

How has all this formed my opinion? Well I have tried most brands since i started in the industry in 1994 and to be honest there are only a small handful that actually do as they say, and stick by their products. Some suppliers will reiterate the above in confidence but turn a blind eye to it, but I had simply wanted to supply the best equipment available and know that the manufacturer has the customers best intentions at heart. For this reason we ceased selling some brands and now just stick with a selection who have the same integrity as us and are in it for the long haul.

As the old saying goes, if you want something doing, do it yourself - so we manufacture our own range of static pressure washers, and have sold our machines to major food producers, industrial users, police forces and the Ministry of Defence. We use the best components we can find, they of course cost slightly more but we know that our professional customers are not buying on price but quality and after sales service. As we are a family company we all take responsibility for each sale we make and this is what makes us stand out from the rest.

If you are in the Southwest i.e Somerset, Dorset, North Devon or Avon then give us a call and we will be pleased to assist you, if you are elsewhere then I would recommend you find your local Kranzle dealer. The Kranzle website is www.kranzle.co.uk and are widely know as the best quality equipment available, bar none. Some suppliers may say we are the biggest, we have the most engineers etc, so I would say, whats its like being second best. It all comes out in the wash, eventually.

Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions across Somerset and Dorset. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP. West Country Pest Control

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An independent family run business providing reliable service and support throughout The South West.

Speak directly to a Certified, fully qualified engineer 

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All makes and models supported 

Transparent upfront pricing thanks to our superior on-site service

There is NO substitute for experience!

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