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industrial Pressure Washers - whether you are looking to buy new a industrial pressure washer for the first time or upgrading we can provide you with anything you will need.

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Industrial Pressure Washers in Somerset & Dorset

Industrial Pressure Washers sales & service is our core business. As we are main dealers for Kranzle industrial pressure washers we stock and have access to a superb range of industrial Kranzle pressure washers from compact cold water pressure washers to industrial hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners, as well as static cabinet pressure washers for use in wash bays. We also have a superb range of commercial floor cleaning equipment – our floor scrubber dryers are sure to leave your floor sparkling clean, and our after sales service gives you peace of mind.

Because we are a family owned and run independent company and not tied in to any particular manufacturer you can be assured that you will receive unbiased advice on what pressure washer will be most suitable for your operation, so you can then decide what equipment suits you best. We offer our 25 + years of industry experiance to advise on what works, and what dosent.

We know that our range of modern industrial hot water machines demonstrate outstanding value for money and are designed and built with operator safety in mind. In our ongoing commitment for excellent customer service we feel this can only be achieved if each and every industrial hot machine we sell is personally delivered, set up and users trained in the correct use of the machine. Our pressure washer operator training service will give users the knowledge they need for operating commercial and industrial cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

Every machine we sell will:

  • Have an initial onsite visit to meet the customer and see exactly what the machine will be used for.
  • Recommendation (and demonstration if required) of the correct machine for the job.
  • Delivery and installation of the machine, including user training and advice on chemicals.
  • Maintenance schedule set up for routine servicing and inspection.
For expert advice about the correct industrial pressure washer and service contracts call us on 01935 411876.
We prefer to deliver and install personally. If you are thinking of buying a machine or spare part from the internet ask yourself these questions first.
  • The price is really good but is it really up for the job? (We find this is seldom the case)
  • Who is going to repair it when it breaks? (Most internet sellers are just that, sellers, and have no technical knowledge or backup and will simply send you back the manufacturer or have a return to base warranty)
  • Who is going to carry out routine servicing on the equipment and are parts readily available.
  • Don’t be fooled into buying a machine on price alone.
The bitterness of poor quality after sales service remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
Whats the difference between an industrial machine and semi professional or domestic pressure washer?
  • A domestic or semi professional machine will have a 2800 RPM pump and motor instead of an industrial low revving 1400 RPM unit.
  • You wont be able to easily remove the Non Return Valves to clear them.
  • The burner fan assembly will be made from plastic not metal.
  • It wont have industry standard M22 or D12 hose couplings
  • It wont have 4 wheels to navigate tough terrain.
All of the industrial pressure washers we sell have all all of the above and more! Make the smart choice and purchase a machine from us, We will look after your machine for you and be there when you need us most.
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