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Kranzle Pressure Washer Help

In this section you can find some help and support articles to help you troubleshoot your Kranzle Pressure Washer, or maybe your planning an oil change?

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Pressure washer help and advice from West Country

Kranzle Therm

Kranzle Therm – Bigger is better. Kranzle Therm 1165-1 (T) is an excellent design, to appreciate the size and quality of the Therm it really

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pressure washer blowing fuses

Pressure washer blowing fuses? There are many reasons why your pressure washer is frustratingly blowing fuses, or the thermal trip is operating. Are you using

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HSE Health & Safety Executive Guidance & Publications. Click each image below.

INDG68 Steam/Pressure Equipment Guidance Leaflet

Do you use a steam/pressure cleaner? you could be in for a shock. Guidance Leaflet


HSE PM29 Electrical risks from steam/water pressure cleaners

Provides guidance on the installation and maintenance of steam/water pressure cleaners; Aimed at those select...

Cleaning and disinfection using a lowpressure washer

The main risks from operating this type of equipment is from electric shock and the provision of a suitably rated RCD...

Worker received shock whilst using a pressure water washing machine.

A worker received a 240 Volt electric shock whilst using a pressure water washing machine. An investigation found the company had failed to...

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