How to set up a Kranzle Pressure Washer

How to set up your Kranzle pressure washer

Kranzle pressure washers are designed for the pumps inside to be operated laying flat. If your machine has two wheels, it should not be stood up-right to operate. The transmission is well lubricated when in the horizontal position, adding years to seal service life.

If you are connecting your pressure washer to a tap, then we suggest using as short a possible length of hose to supply the machine water.
Using longer lengths than 3M, can cause a drop in volume of water available at the end.

If your water supply hose is on a reel – it is very important to fully un-wind your low-pressure hose from the reel first, failure to do this can result in a water shortage to your pressure washer.

Kranzle pressure washers as standard come with a fitted standard Hozelock push fitting.
These are adequate for using with a water supply that has 3-5 bar.
If you plan to use your pressure washer on suction,
We strongly suggest that you use the ‘cap & liner’ type fitting which cannot fall away and let air draw in with the water supply.

When you have your gun, lance and hose connected to the machine, your water supply connected, and the electric cable plugged in and in the on position.
Squeeze the trigger gun so that water is coming through the end of your lance, and then turn the pressure washer on using the “on/off” switch.

Water Supply.

It is important that your pressure washer has sufficient water to run properly.  If the pump can not get enough water through it’s supply hose damage will occur to the transmission. Always test this

by running your hose into a measured container for one minute to make sure there is at least 10% more water flowing from the end of your hose where you will connect it to your machine than the machine’s output flow.

Mains Voltage Supply.

Do not use light weight extension cables. Kranzle pressure washer use industrial grade induction motors and will not run properly on diy type cable reels. If you need to use an extension cable it must be a 2.5mm cross section cable.

Generators vary hugely between manufacturers and the actual power that they deliver. It is best to give us a call where we can advise you based on what other users’ have experienced to work. It will depend on the machine you have, but we can advise more sensible sized generators than the 3 times starting load normally quoted.

If your machine switches itself off while you are using it DO NOT switch it back on for 10 minutes. The On/Off switch has a thermal trip in it to help protect the motor. Allow the machine to cool down for at least 10 minutes before switching it back on. Try to establish why the motor was over heating.
This could be due to inadequate ventilation, use of an inadequate extension cable or the pump running in excess of it’s normal operating pressure

– in which case check the high pressure nozzle on the end of the lance for a partial blockage and unscrew the unloader hand wheel on the side of the pump until the pressure shown on the pressure gauge with the trigger squeezed is correct for your machine.

Kranzle pressure Washer Oil.

This does really depend on which machine you have.

There are two standard oil types used in the Kranzle pressure washers: 15W/40 and 10W/60.

The oil type, and how much is needed is in the Operators Hand book. There is a list here but there have been changes; so always check your operator handbook, or contact your supplier

All Kranzles come with the correct level of oil all ready for you to use.  We suggest that after the first 50 operating hours, taking care to ensure any waste oil is responsibly disposed of, drained from the oil resevoir. Then add a little new oil, seal up the oil chamber and turn it on for just a second or two. Drain, and repeat until what comes out is ‘nice’.

Then fill to the correct level as per your operators hand book.

It only takes a few parts per thousand of water to emulsify oil and the only real way of getting all traces out of a water contaminated oil chamber is to strip down the machine, and wipe clean all of the parts. It is not the colour of the oil that is important though, it is the consistency of the oil. Oil is only in there for heat dispersal, and lubrication for the transmission parts.
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