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Floor care is a very important topic for all those environments frequented by many people every day, such as shopping centres, hospitals, ports, airports, industries, stations, schools, shops, restaurants and offices.

Continuous transiting can in fact increase the accumulation of dust, soil and debris from outside, making flooring dirty and unsafe in a short space of time.

To quickly and effortlessly remove all types of dirt it is important to use the right tools, such as professional sweepers. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor floors, these products remove all types of dust and coarse debris, leaving a floor that is always clean.

What is a professional sweeper?

The sweeper is a professional cleaning tool that removes all forms of dirt, such as dust and debris, using brushes and a vacuum system contained inside it. Ideal for any type of surface, such as floors,  concrete, asphalt, plastic, resilient materials and much more, it allows safe and fast cleaning, even repeated throughout the day.

Professional sweepers are divided into two main models:

  • Walk-behind, small in size and with a compact structure, which boasts extreme manoeuvrability. These characteristics make them perfect for the cleaning of smaller spaces or spaces with a dense presence of furniture such as schools, offices, shops and all those otherwise difficult to reach areas;

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  • Ride-on, where the operator sits on a comfortable ergonomic seat above the sweeper. Higher performing and characterised by superior performance and autonomy, it is ideal for the cleaning of large areas such as warehouses, factories, ports, airports, shopping centres, car parks, logistical centres and industries.

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How a sweeper is made

Each sweeper has a sweeping, suctioning and filtering system inside which is used to quickly collect dust and debris. This floor care product consists of 5 systems:

  • A sweeping system which through 1 or 2 side brushes direct the dirt towards the central brush, which collects dust and debris. When the emptying system is located in front of the central brush, this is known as “direct sweeping”; when it is located behind, this is referred to as “indirect sweeping”.
  • Suctioning system, which by generating a depression suctions the waste into the container;
  • Filtering system, which can be of the cartridge, bag or panel type. The air, once filtered, is released back into the environment. Furthermore, in the Lavor models there is a filter shaker, which can be operated manually or autonomously, which allows the membrane to self-clean from sectioned dust debris;
  • Waste container, where dirt is collected;
  • Emptying system, which is used to manually or independently clean the waste/compartment tank.

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Inside a sweeper, the side brushes collect the waste, directing it towards the central brush. Here, a turbine suctions up the material: the solid part ends up inside the waste bin, the more dusty part inside the filter system. All actions are carried out autonomously by the vehicle, limiting the operator’s intervention to operating the vehicle and, possibly, activating the emptying system and the filter shaker, if manual.

Floor care: which sweeper to choose?

Using a tool dedicated to professional cleaning is a superior advantage in terms of cost and time savings. To always obtain the best result, it is important to choose the right sweeper for your needs, evaluating the size and characteristics of the space to be cleaned, the working time to be devoted to the activity and the frequency of use.

For small areas it is essential to use a compact and handy sweeper, which can also work in particularly narrow spaces, including those occupied by furniture, desks, chairs, and furnishings of all sizes. In this case it is preferable to opt for a “walk-behind” model which offers all the manageability you will need for your daily cleaning.

Utilizzo SWL 900 stalla 1An excellent professional sweeper for offices, schools, shops and hospitals is the SW 700 ET, equipped with a reclining handle and rechargeable battery. The advantages of this model include the electric filter shaker, the mechanically operated side brush, the pressure regulation system with central brush, the suction shut-off switch and the quick release of the main brush.

For industries, shopping centres, airports, ports, construction sites and all those large environments, it is advisable to choose a “ride-on” model, which will allow the cleaning of a space in no time at all, without tiring the operator. The SWL R1000 professional sweeper is the ideal tool for the cleaning of wide areas, thanks to the large filtering surface divided into 6 filters, the flat pedal lifting system, the front suction system, the adjustable seat and the safety system, which offers the operator all the comfort they require. The central brush, the two side brushes and the paper cartridge filter are included with the SWL R1000.

Utilizzo SWL R 1000

With Lavor you can choose the professional sweeper that best suits your needs, for excellent performance, time saving and work optimisation, for surfaces that are always clean and safe, effortlessly. get in touch with west country to get the right lavor floor sweeper for the job.

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