pressure washer blowing fuses

Pressure washer blowing fuses?

There are many reasons why your pressure washer is frustratingly blowing fuses, or the thermal trip is operating.

Are you using an extension lead? If you must use an extension lead, then it must be a minimum of 2.5mm on each core, and I recommend that is no longer than 10 meters.

Using a blue 16 amp plug and socket is recommended, and are these are less prone to damage too. ALWAYS USE AN RCD.

It’s always better to use an extension high pressure hose rather than a lead.

ALWAYS pull the trigger to dispel any trapped pressure in the hose before trying to turn the machine on. (It’s like trying to start your car in 3rd gear otherwise, its virtually impossible, you wouldn’t do it to your car so don’t do it to your pressure washer.)

Is the lance nozzle partially blocked? I’ve been to more callouts to pressure washers on site that are blowing fuses only to get there to find that the nozzle is blocked.

Is the supply voltage correct? If it’s dropped because the electricity board hamsters are not running fast enough then the main motor will pull more current as a result blowing fuses in the plug or popping the thermal trip.

All the industrial pressure washers we sell have big motors fitted to them, that require the correct electric supply at the machine, if it’s not right the machine will let you know.

95 % of the time, blowing fuses etc. is down to operator error. Bit harsh but true!

Still blowing fuses after all of the above? – Remove the high pressure hose and turn the machine on. Buzzing noise then the fuse pops? – Call your local pressure washer specialist for help.

If you have an ammeter for measuring the amount of AMPS ,(current) the machine is drawing then it’s always good to know this figure, or get a qualified person to do the test for you.

Machine blows fuse in between normal running, shutdown then restart.

Most probably caused by that little leak you’ve been ignoring. Basically the motor is restarting because of the pressure drop, but because the trigger is not open , this overloads the motor causing the fuses to blow. Fix the leak. Sometimes the leak can be internal inside the pump or unloader valve, call your local specialist.

Always seek expert advice when dealing with your expensive industrial cleaning equipment. if you are in Somerset then give us a call on 01935 411876.

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