Kranzle Pressure Washer oil change.

Below is a list of Kranzle pressure washers and their oil capcity and type. Always refer to your user manual.

JUNIOR 15W/40 0.25L
K105 15W/40 0.3L
K7/120 15W/40 0.25L
K10/120 15W/40 0.25L
K100 15W/40 0.3L
K115 15W/40 0.3L
K125 15W/40 0.3L
K135 15W/40 0.3L
K145 T 15W/40 0.3L
K155 15W/40 0.3L
K160 TST 15W/40 0.3L
K1150 (T) 15W/40 0.25L
K1151 (T) 15W/40 0.25L
SILENT 120 10W/40 0.25L
K2100 TS 15W/40 0.35L
K2160 TS (T) 15W/40 0.5L
K2175 TS (T) 15W/40 0.5L
PROFI 160 15W/40 0.75L
Q11/140 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 0.8L
Q599 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 0.8L ALSO 20/50
Q799 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 0.8L ALSO 20/50
Q800 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
Q1000 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
Q1200 TS (T) 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
B13/150 15W/40 0.5L
B10/200 15W/40 0.5L
B16/220 10 W/60 SAE 0.5L
B170 T 15W/40 0.7L
B200 T 15W/40 0.7L
B230 T 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
B240 T 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
B270 T 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
W11/135 10 W/60 SAE
W15/220 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
W19/180 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
CA11/130 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
C11/130 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
C13/180 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
C15/150 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
THERM 630 15W/40 0.5L
THERM 635 15W/40 0.5L
THERM 635-1 10 W/60 SAE 0.8L
THERM 890 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
THERM 1160 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
THERM 895-1 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
THERM 1165-1 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L
D16/220 10 W/60 SAE 1.0L

If too much oil is added, there is no room permitted for expansion and extra pressure is forced on the seals,shortening their life. To avoid problems always follow the markers on the dipstick, where machine has one.

For machines fitted with an oil sight glass, oil should only be filled to part way up the oil sight glass,leaving a visible air bubble.

Some Kranzle machines have a magnetic transmission oil drain plug, this is designed to collect metal particles that are suspended in the oil. Make sure to clean this plug before refiiting during an oil change.

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