Ehrle pressure washer problems

Ehrle HD 623 pressure washer used -SOLD

Looking for the answer to Ehrle pressure washer problems? We get calls into our service desk every so often about Ehrle pressure washer problems.

These can range from Ehrle pressure washer low on pressure or no pressure, or the burner has stopped working. Thankfully, as Ehrle pressure washers are so well built in the first place, using quality parts and quite obviously assembled by those that care in Illertissen, Germany – Most Ehrle pressure washer problems are quick and easy to sort out and fix.

The most common question we get is Ehrle pressure washer lost pressure. Quite often we find that the user has left open the chemical tap with no chemical available for suction, this results in air being drawn into the system and air locking the pump.

It’s an easy fix, simply close the chemical valve, Remove the high-pressure hose on the machine and turn on. Let the pump prime itself, this will be evident when a strong stream of water is ejected from the outlet.

This water, in common with all hot water pressure washers can sometimes be discoloured when priming the pump. Don’t worry, it’s just the debris from the inside of the boiler coil has dislodged itself and is now suspended in the water. Run for short period, switch off, reattach hose and you should now be able to operate your machine normally.

If you need help with your Ehrle pressure washer problems and you are in Somerset, Dorset, North Devon or Wiltshire then give our service desk a call on the number above. We are the main Ehrle pressure washer dealer in our area, so you can be sure that you and your machine will get the attention it deserves, by an authorised Ehrle pressure washer UK Dealer.

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