Is your pressure Washer Dangerous? Get a FREE PowerSafe check from West Country.

MAC International Pressure Washer

Is Your Pressure Washer Safe To Use?

Unqualified personel carrying out poor quality maintenance has led to potentially dangerous pressure washers with substandard repairs carried out by unqualified ‘engineers’ can lead to dangerous defects in high pressure cleaning equipment.

To counteract this West Country Cleaning Equipment is offering free “Power safe” safety checks on all makes of pressure washer. The Check itself takes around 45 minutes. It covers all the primary and secondary systems within high pressure cleaning equipment such as high and low voltage electrical circuits and protection components, hydraulic connections for leaks, and pressure overload settings.

Easily repaired problems will be attended to whilst your West Country Cleaning Equipment Engineer is on site and you will be notified of other problems – these can be rectified if the engineer has the required spare parts, although a charge will be made.

Call the West Country Cleaning Equipment Service department on 01935 411876 to book your Free ‘Power safe’ check.

Getting a correctly documented service or repair from us ensures that you are complying with your legal obligations as an employer to provide equipment that is safe use, Comply with PUWER regulations and above all you can be assured your machine will be kept in the best possible condition to preserve the value of your asset.

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