farm wash down pressure washer

We often get asked for a no frills heavy duty wall mounted Pressure washer for use in the agricultural industry for use in milking parlours, yards and animal sheds etc. A lot of modern pressure washers come bristling with electronic boards hosting numerous features that as time goes on create their own problems when they become faulty , this also increases the initial the cost price.

To provide a solution to this we have designed a simple wall mounted pressure washer that takes up minimal space and yet provides a high capacity cleaning system. The Agri-wash is equipped with a heavy duty Interpump pump and motor with integral unloader valve, and an on/off switch. The unit is supplied with a heavy duty 10 meter hose and lance, of course this can be extended to suit the application or even a hose reel can be specified if required.

A bulk chemical drum (210 litre) can be positioned underneath the unit providing a degreasing or sanitizing facility, and is connected to the chemical inlet that is already fitted to the pump giving the user a superb low pressure chemical facility.

Installation is designed to be minimal fuss too, simply fix the supplied mounting brackets to a sturdy wall and then bolt the unit to it. In practice if your milking parlour is 40 meters or so long then the unit would be positioned in a central position, connected to the water and electricity supply and then a 20 meter hose fitted, giving a 40 meter cleaning range.

An auto stop system is available as an option, along with a Turbo nozzle that is a rotating jet and is particularly effective on animal waste on the walls and floors, this helps cut down cleaning time considerably.

The Agri-wash wall mounted pressure washer is available in both 240 and 415 3 phase formats, as well as a mobile trolley mounted version too.


  • Two-piece gun and lance, with variable angle nozzle head
  • Current thermal overload protection
  • Motor protection to IP55 standard
  • Low pressure chemical injection system
  • High pressure hose with 22mm couplings

Agri-wash 12/100:  1500 PSI, 12 Litres per minute, 240v 1ph. £2195.00 +VAT

Agri-wash 15/150: 2200 PSI, 15 Litres per minute, 415v 3ph. £2295.00.00 + VAT

Accessories include: Turbo nozzles, extension hoses, flat surface cleaners, wall/post mounted hose reels, bulk detergent, lance extensions, brushes etc.

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