The New Edge Pressure washer has arrived, and Its waiting to get its teeth into your dirt! Since 1992 EDGE have been distributing high quality industrial cleaning equipment and are probably most known for their industrial grade pressure washers. These Industrial grade machines have been in use up and down the UK, tirelessly cleaning everything from abattoirs to Haulage fleets, and everything in between. The EDGE range has been refined and a new improved range of core products are taking centre stage. One of these outstanding machines is the Heavy Duty EDGE Panther 2. Building on its superb heritage the new Panther is more compact, easier to push across rough yards and features a best in class vertical diesel fired boiler, that will quite happily run on road diesel, Red Diesel or Kerosene without any adjustments required to the burner.

At the heart of the machine beats a Brass headed triplex pump for extremely good power transition and producing 1595 PSI at 11 Litres per minute that will make short work of any cleaning task, thus reducing time whilst producing the desired result without fuss. The stainless steel seated non return valves are easily removable to ensure quick pump servicing. The pump is powered by a 3KW 4 pole motor that slowly ticks along at 1400 RPM, something not found on machines in this class. Low revving motors and pumps last longer and require less servicing.   The EDGE Panther has a separate burner motor fitted with a heavy-duty metal fan so you can turn off the burner motor when you just want to clean with cold water at high pressure. This saves unnecessary wear on the fuel pump and fan assembly, something cheaper machines fitted with constantly driven fuel pump and plastic fans suffer with. An easily accessible fuel filter is within easy reach and can be changed in seconds, again to keep servicing time to a minimum.

The 5-litre chemical tank holds ample detergent, and with the detergent metering valve opened you can apply just enough detergent for your cleaning task. The chassis and cover are made from a tough ABS material that won’t rust and is easily cleaned.

On the front panel simple intuitive 24v low voltage control for operator safety are clearly laid out. There is a low fuel level sensor that will monitor the fuel level and illuminate to let you know when it’s time to refill, a Green lamp reminds you that it is plugged in to the mains and have power applied. a large thermostat dial is easily operated with gloved hands for effortless operation.

The EDGE Panther is probably the best machine on the market at the price point and leads its class by some margin.

We have the EDGE Panther on offer at the moment, you can get a brand-new EDGE Panther delivered on site with a 12 month warranty for just £1595 + VAT - Plus a FREE 200 litre drum of Power force RTU to help get you going. Give Lee, Dan or Joanne a call at West Country to order yours today.

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