To ensure that we can continue to do our bit to keep critical service providers operating during these difficult times we are taking the following steps:

Cancelled/Postponed all none essential service works where equipment is installed inside buildings with multiple occupents.

Equipment that is installed and used outside in commercial and industrial workspaces such as warehouses, factorys, garagaes and Yards (as most of the kit we service is) will continue to be serviced as normal, we will however take steps to mitigate the risk to our engineers and your employees by sanitising equipment before and after leaving site.

We are going to provide this service while keeping contact with yourself to an absolute minimum. As we have now moved over to a fully digital asset managment and work recoring system, we will not need to get paper worksheets signed off.

If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell please make us aware before we attend your site, we can then take measures to minimise the risk and follow the latest Government guidlines.

These steps are to minimise our risk to you and your risk to us, we are one of the few companies that must stay operational to keep things like food factories, dairies and emergency services going to keep industry operating.

The team at Westcountry are very confident we will continue to provide our excellent level of customer service that we are known for.

Thank you for your understanding and stay positive and by working together we will get through this.


Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions across Somerset and Dorset. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP. West Country Pest Control