Ehrle Pressure Washers

Ehrle UK pressure Washers - West Country are proud to be the main dealer for Ehrle pressure washers and steam cleaners in Somerset and Dorset. Ehrle pressure washers are made in illertissen in Germany and have a rich history of producing high quality equipment dating back some 40 years, the Ehrle range of equipment compliments our range of premium equipment well and is in daily use with our farming and commercial users.

Their UK HQ is based in Leeds and hold extensive stocks of machines, spare parts and accessories. Our two Ehrle service vehicles are able to provide great on site support for the Range of Ehrle pressure washers, and can cater for all everything you may need to support your Ehrle pressure washer such as Hoses, Lances, and other Ehrle parts and accessories.

Ehrle have a superb range of top quality of hot and cold pressure washers with some of the popular models being:

Ehrle UK Cold pressure washers:

  • Ehrle KD 623 Industrial Pressure Washer 240v
    Ehrle KD 823 Industrial Pressure Washer 240v
    Ehrle KD 1140 Industrial Pressure Washer 415v

Ehrle UK Hot water pressure washers

  • Ehrle HD 523 industrial pressure washer
  • Ehrle HD 623 Etronic I Industrial Pressure Washer 240v
    Ehrle HD 823 Etronic II Industrial Pressure Washer 240v
    Ehrle HD 1140 Etronic II Industrial Pressure Washer 415v





EHRLE has now become one of the world‘s leading providers of innovative solutions in cleaning technology and vehicle washing. Ever since its foundation, EHRLE has been relying on fully developed technology, innovative ideas, best possible quality and perfect service.

EHRLE products are characterised by their above-average product quality and technology and convince with their modern design, high quality materials, extremely long service life and economic efficiency.

Due to constant new product developments and further development of existing products the way us paved for extremely high manufacturing standards which are a prerequisite for the global success of EHRLE products. One of the basic preconditions was the introduction of modern assembly line production as well as careful permanent material testing and final inspection by means of test computers.

Commercial Pest Control

We offer professional and cost-effective pest management solutions across Somerset and Dorset. Our proactive pest management solutions will protect your business and enable you to comply with assurance schemes such as Red Tractor & HACCP. West Country Pest Control