Smartwash ST75 Foam Head


The RM Suttner ST75 foam head designed and developed in Germany. An excellent product for anyone looking to gain from the benefits of cleaning with foam. Together with an ST160 chemical injector, this foam lance creates a nice thick foam.

The foam generated offers more contact time with vertical surfaces and prevents contamination by run-off or dripping making it an ideal product for cleaning inside food processing environments.

Foam cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean any food preparation environment such as abattoirs, dairies, breweries and beverage plants. Foam cleaning plays such a big part in maintaining hygiene standards within food processing environments that there are now many different options available.

Nozzle: no. 10 = 1.9mm
Inlet: 1/4″ F
Max Press: 350 Bar
Max Temp: 100°C
Brass Inlet

Weight 1 kg
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