SWL R1300 High Performance Ride On Sweeper


SWL R1300

High Performance Ride On Sweeper


  • Compact, handy, sturdy and resistant, easy to use
  • High performance in terms of (m²/h), both in terms of cleaning and dust control
  • Large tank size, brushes, motor power
  • Cleaning of large surfaces starting from 19.000 m²/h
  • Central brushes
  • Right side floating brush
  • Dust control through filtering system
  • Polyester bag filter
  • Electric filter shaker
  • Closed circuit hydraulic drive
  • Steering with power steering on the rear wheel
  • Optional green water-repellent filter (guarantees high filtration up to 1 micron)
  • Waste discharge directly in the designated areas
  • Traction control with electric motor or alternating current A/C 48V
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