Ehrle HD 1140 HEAVY DUTY Industrial Pressure Washer


Ehrle HD 1140 Heavy Duty Hot Pressure Washer

The Ehrle HD 1140 pressure washer offers class leading performance and reliability for the professional operator requiring a Three phase 415v  phase hot water, mobile machine. Using a slow-running 4 pole motor, brass pump, ceramic pistons & stainless steel valves, the HD 823 is built on a robust, four-wheeled metal chassis with braking wheels.

The Ehrle HD 1140 also features an impact resistant cover for long durability in demanding applications such as those found on farms and industrial use settings. Supplied with Gun, Lance and 10m High Pressure Hose.

Available with or without a 20 meter hose reel to keep things tidy.

The Ehrle HD 1140 pressure washer represents the ultimate in performance and reliability for the professional user requiring a three phase hot water, mobile machine.

Product Features:

  • 400v Three Phase
  • 16 Litres per Minute
  • 30-230 bar
  • 30-150˚C

The Etronic II system includes:

  • TSS (Total Start-Stop) System with Pump-Off Delay
  • 2 second Burner On Delay
  • 24v Safety Circuit
  • Leakage Recognition
  • Unit Total Switch Off after 20 minutes
  • Low Water Cut-Off
  • Low Fuel Cut-Off
  • Flame Monitor with Photocell
  • Flame Failure Lamp
  • Steam Stage
  • 2-stage Switch Pump- Burner On/Off
  • Horizontal Heat Exchanger – High Efficiency with Low Emissions
  • Hours Counter
  • Optional Hose Reel Available


  • Etronic II controls
  • Hose reel
  • 20 m high pressure hose DN08 – 315 bar
  • Trigger gun with swivel
  • Spray lance 900 mm c/w nozzle protection
  • Stainless steel jet nozzle 25°
  • Spray lance 900 mm c/w rotary nozzle
  • Water supply separation acc. water reg.
  • Chemical supply in high pressure jet c/w metering valve


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