Basic Safety Guidelines

Safe operation must be your primary concern when using a pressure washer. The following basic guidelines can help keep users safe from potential injuries caused by pressurized water, chemical exposure, electric shock, and burns:

  • Use an RCD.
  • Read all safety instructions before operation and follow them closely.
  • Keep equipment away from minors.
  • Ensure electric pressure washers are properly connected and grounded.
  • Beware of shock hazards and wear rubber soled shoes for extra protection.
  • Do not operate gas-powered pressure washers indoors .
  • Wear eye protection to guard against flying objects dislodged by the high-pressure spray.
  • Wear ear protection to prevent hearing loss.
  • Never point high pressure spray at people or animals.
  • Never attempt to rinse off any part of your body with the water jet, as it can easily penetrate skin.
  • Do not drive over, pull on, or kink the high pressure hose. Damage to the hose may compromise the wire braiding inside and cause the hose to burst.
  • Use caution when first cleaning unfamiliar surfaces to prevent damage to paint or finishes.
  • When using detergents, review instructions and use caution to protect yourself and property from exposure.
  • Obtain regular maintenance from an authorised service center.
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