Which Pressure Washer?

So your looking for a new machine? There is a huge range of machines to choose from, but which one is right for me? Well that depends on how and what it’s going to be used for.

First some of facts:

* Hot water cleans better than cold (Our Exotherm TFR)

* 1400rpm machine’s generally last longer than 2800rpm

* High pressure chemical cleans better than low pressure

* Cheap machines means exactly that – Cheap!

* Our pressure washers give value for money!

Choosing new cleaning equipment these days is far from simple, with technological advancement constantly pushing the boundary its can quickly become very confusing what machine would be best, so in this article we will talk a little about the different types of equipment that is available and hopefully make things a bit clearer for you.

Pressure washers come in both hot and cold machines. If you have just a couple of vans to wash on a Saturday morning then a cold water machine with a decent TFR (Traffic Film Remover) will do the job just great. A small domestic machine will be ok for a short period of time but pretty soon will become worn out as it simply not up to the job, always choose a good quality machine such as a kranzle pressure washer.

A good industrial quality mobile cold water is designed for the job, and although more expensive to buy in the offset will last far longer and be less problematic. You will generally get a higher flow rate of water to help with cleaning, the higher the flow rate, the better and quicker the clean.

For oil/grease or more stubborn dirt and grime then you are going to need a hot water machine such as a Kranzle therm pressure washer. These are available in mobile or static cabinets and most will have diesel fired boilers, high pressure chemical, onboard fuel and chemical tanks, heavy duty pump and motor with brass pump head and an automatic shut down system.

Anti scale systems are a must for equipment used in hard water areas. Most modern machines will come with this fitted as standard and when used correctly will massively prolong the life of the machine by preventing lime scale build up on internal components. Lime scale on the inside of the boiler coil will cause chemical injection problems and cause backpressure on the pump, not to mention the extra fuel you will use trying to heat the water.

Some machines are available with other electronic systems such as leak detection systems etc, great but we prefer to ensure our customers don’t have leaky machines in the first place.

A note about unsupported Chinese imports – whilst these machines appear to offer outstanding value for money, they are still a long way behind in terms of quality and often quote specifications that are over engineered and directly affect the lifetime of the machine. If you just have a small project to complete then buy one and throw it away when you’re done (not a very eco friendly solution), but if you’re looking to purchase something that you’re going to keep then look for something more substantial, and more importantly you can get spares for.

Use an RCD – goes without saying really! Water and electricity do not mix so protect yourself and your employees by using one. The electricity at work act requires you to protect! Ideally you should have one that is positioned on the end of the mains lead of the equipment you are using for maximum protection.

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