KRANZLE Therm CA 11/130 T


Compact design, operating pressure up to 130 bar, large wheels with solid rubber tyres and shock absorbing buffers, front and rear.
Kranzle therm technology combine a large number of technical innovations which provide highest performance, reliability, safety and absolutely dependable operating convenience : saving you water and energy without compromising maximum efficiency!
A winning formula of success for entering the world of the hot-water appliances made by Kranzle.
All therm series machines are available with or without an integrated hose drum.

    • UPGRADED: Integrated water tank
    • UPGRADED: High-pressure chemical valve
    • Roto-Mold trolley takes rough ground in its stride
    • Neat arrangement system
    • Shock absorbing buffers
    • Parking brake
    • Trigger gun with safety catch M2000 one-piece with spray nozzle
    • UPGRADED: Integrated hose drum
    • UPGRADED: 20 m high-pressure hose
    • 5 m power lead with plug with cable reel
    • Quiet, durable electric induction motor (1,400 rpm)
    • Advanced water inlet suction / priming design
    • UPGRADED: Steam stage temperatures up to 140°C
  • UPGRADED: Safety prevention devices as standard
  • TS : Total-Stop motor version
Weight 164 kg
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