KRANZLE Therm 635-1 T Pressure Washer


The big hot water series Kranzle-therm-1 is distinguished by the high working pressures of over 200 bar and superb water flow, providing outstanding results!

These models are yet another independent Test award winner with such detail to high quality design and practical solutions, the all-terrain trolley and technically complete equipment leaves no wishes unfulfilled when it comes to performance and handling.

Big Therms main benefits, or features include:

    • Digital temperature display
    • Digital temperature control accurate to +/- 1°C
    • Digital display offers pump/burner running time, helping plan any servicing
    • 4-way safety system with over-load protection
    • 20-30 second delayed Total-Stop, helping reduce unnecessary start/stopping of the machine
    • Additional electrical over-current protection
    • Digital flame sensor, cutting off fuel supply when there is no flame
    • Safety thermostat, triggers when emission temperatures exceed 230°C
    • Low level fuel cut out

230 volt ( single phase ) power option:

Kranzle therm 635-1 T ( non hose reel option also available )

Product characteristics:

  • Large over-dimensioned gears and oil housings
  • Integrated water tank
  • High-pressure chemical valve
  • Roto-Mold trolley takes rough ground in its stride
  • Neat arrangement system
  • Shock absorbing buffers
  • Parking brake
  • Trigger gun with safety catch Starlet
  • 10 M high-pressure hose, twin wire
  • Hose-reel version with 20 M hose, optionally
  • Stainless steel lance with spray nozzle
  • Turbokiller lance, optionally
  • 5 m power lead with UK 3-pin plug with cable reel
  • Quiet and durable electric induction motor (1,400 rpm)
  • Advanced water inlet suction / priming design
  • Steam stage temperatures up to 140°C
  • Safety prevention devices as standard
  • Delayed Total-Stop motor version
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