Kranzle 715 Therm 240V heavy duty hot water pressure washer steam cleaner


Our Kranzle Therm 715 is available with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY when delivered and installed in our service area and serviced reguarly, and get free 25 litre detergent. #kranzlespecialist.

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Kranzle Therm 715 is our most popular Hot water pressure washer steam cleaner. The Kranzle 715 therm hot pressure washer is one of the new generation heavy-duty machines combining innovative engineering with maximum user convenience, economy and a long service life, even under very demanding operating conditions.

EXTEND YOUR WARRANTY – Get a 2 year warranty when you purchase from Westcountry. Simply purchase your new 715 from us and we will service it twice a year (at cost) to keep it in good condition. We will also supply a 25 litre drum of our premium wash detergent free of charge to get help you make the most of your new machine. We only supply our hot equipment in our service area, get in touch to see if you are in it.

This latest addition to the range of big hot water Kranzle 715 therm machines provides intensive cleaning power and lasting durability capable of demanding daily cleaning requirements. The Kranzle Therm 715 is the UK’s most powerfull and reliable 240v hot water pressure washer, used extensively by garages, fleet operators, the valeting trade and cleaning contractors for its performance, reliability and low running costs. You simply can’t get better than this! 

Professional Kranzle 715 therm design matched with our existing innovative proven pump and motor technology offers exceptional quality and robustness and is available in both single or three phase power options.
The all-terrain chassis of the Kranzle 715 therm features wide rubber wheels is fitted with an easy to operate parking brake and offers two additional brackets for easy access storage of the gun and lance.

Kranzle 715 therm hot water high pressure cleaners are built with minimal electronic controls and components creating a new sleek professional look with simple to operate classic design.

  • Fully adjustable pressure
  • Steam stage to 140°C
  • High pressure chemical facility
  • Quick release trigger gun/lance
  • 20-30 second delayed Total-Stop, helping reduce unnecessary start/stopping of the machine
  • 4-way safety system with over-load protection
  • Additional electrical over-current protection
  • Safety thermostat, triggers when emission temperatures exceed 230°C
  • Low level fuel cut out
  • Optical flame monitoring

If we service the machine every 6 months (standard shedule for business users) then we will offer a 2 year warranty on the machine.

Weight 183 kg
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