Lavor Vulcano hot box

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The Lavor Vulcano Hotbox is compatible with all pressure washers. Turn your cold water power washer into a hot one! Perfect for industrial engine driven petrol, diesel or electric pressure washers to give you the power from that combined with hot water.

The lavor vulcano hotbox heat exchanger is diesel or kerosene fired. Runs great on an extension lead or generator.

Key Features:
– Electrically powered and diesel heated 21 litre vertical boiler
– High thermal efficiency and renowned Lavor technology
– Shock-resistant frame with 4 large wheels and robust cover
– Large capacity 18 litre fuel tank
– Quick release connections

Technical Spec:
– Requires 230v power supply or 1 KVA Generator

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 PSI
Maximum Water Volume: 30 Litres/Min, 1800 Litres/Hr
Maximum Water Temperature: 150 C Adjustable, Steam
Motor Specifications: 240V, 1Ph, 50Hz, 310W Brush Motor
Dimensions: 69cm x 90cm x 104xm
Weight: 60 KG
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