Kranzle Therm 1165-1 T Hose Reel


Kranzle Therm 1165-1 (T) is an excellent design, to appreciate the size and quality of the Therm it really needs to be seen. The Therm is a big, solid and very well made machine that weighs over 200 kgs. It is a powerful hot and cold pressure washer running on 3-Phase power supply (415 volt). Durable design for industrial and commercial use. The pressure of the Therm 1165-1 (T) can be fully adjusted and at maximum will give over 2400 psi. This is actual pressure at the nozzle, unlike low pressure chemical injectors where the actual pressure is around 30% lower than the gauge displays.

The boiler unit or combustion chamber is probably the best used on any make of mobile steam cleaner. The casing is machined out of 1/4″ inch galvanized plate steel, not formed out of a thin tin like material.

The flame chamber is within an inner cylinder ensuring that the flame does not directly touch the coil. This refinement eliminates sooting up – a common problem with other steam cleaners that leads to smokey exhaust, poor efficiency and higher servicing costs.

The Kränzle Big Therms are equipped with a digital flame monitoring device. A photocell is located right above the combustion chamber and connected to the central control electronics. If the photocell does not detect a flame, an error message appears on the display and the fuel supply is cut off. This prevents a dangerous build up of unburnt fuel inside the burner.

The Kranzle coil has a huge surface area of over 22 square feet and because both the fuel and air are pre-heated, combustion of the fuel and the water heating process is extremely efficient. Therm’s have been designed with simple maintenance taken into account. Every Therm machine is fitted with both an easy to clean fuel filter and a fuel pressure gauge. Low fuel cut out is standard, as is pre-purge venting.

The output temperature is adjustable with a steam stage of up to 150°C. Detergents can be used at high pressure giving the maximum cleaning combination of high temperature, high pressure and chemical.

When you let go of the trigger gun, the Therm 1165-1 (T) will switch off to stand-by mode if the trigger gun is not operated for 30 seconds, this delayed shutdown reduces unnecessary ‘on/off’ operation when say freeing the hose. When the trigger is squeezed again the machine instantly restarts. As an added safety feature, if you forget to switch the machine off after use it will switch itself off after 20 minutes of standing idle. All connections are brass screw fittings sealed by an O ring, so no tools are needed to change accessories or pack away. There are storage compartments for the trigger gun and lance built into the casing of the machine.

T-series machines come with 20M of steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose on an integral hose drum, which is slightly larger than it needs to be, making it easy to wind up the hose. A heavy duty Starlet II gun assembly and lance, 7.5M of power cable with plug come as standard with all machines, models without the hose drum come with 10 M of high pressure hose.

A major advantage to the new generation of pressure washer from Kranzle is that you can clean with detergents and degreasers at high pressure. This is a big help when cleaning engine compartments, gearboxes or pre-MOT cleaning on HGVs. It also increases the effectiveness of cleaning where hygiene and BIO-SECURITY is essential such as on farms, in areas with livestock, kennels or any food handling areas.

Kränzle Big Therms’ are equipped with a digital thermostat featuring 2 modes of operation.

Operation mode 1: Thermostat regulation °C
The target temperature in °C can be adjusted by pressing the buttons (+ -). The thermostat measures the water temperature at the heating coil outlet and causes the burner to either switch on or off in accordance with the settings. The outlet water temperature is displayed in °C.

Operation mode 2: Burner output %
Press buttons (+ -) to adjust the amount of time the burner will operate as a percentage. The burner will be switched on and off in accordance with this value. The actual water temperature is measured at the heating coil outlet and displayed in °C. The temperature can be raised by increasing the percentage of the time that the burner is operating, or lowered by reducing the percentage.
Once the correct percentage is established, mode 2 has an advantage over mode 1 in that temperatures can be accurately kept at + or – 1°C. This can even be achieved with reduced water quantities and at low temperatures, ideal for example, when washing livestock.

All the settings are saved in the thermostat’s memory and are applied when the machine is next used.

When either the °C button or the % button are pressed and held for more than 2 seconds, the respective number of operating hours of the pump and of the burner will be displayed one after the other for approx. 5 seconds which, for example, helps plan service intervals.

The water tank on a Therm also protects the pump from being starved of water. On a conventional pressure washer attached to a tap via a hose if there is not enough water flow to the pump the pistons inside are held forward by the vacuum that forms on the inlet. This causes knocking in the transmission and serious damage to the pump if not rectified. The water tank on the Therm 1165-1 (T) acts as a buffer between the water mains and the pump and compensates for fluctuations in the supply – protecting the pump.

Therms are easy to use, versatile, well designed, easy to maintain and have long life expectancy even with the most demanding users. Every effort is made to make the machine that is the best on the market and yet still affordable. This is it, overall an excellent value for money machine and exceptionally durable.

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